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Fire and Sunset Soirées
Scarlet Lady Gay Cruise

April 21 – 25, 2021


Virgin Voyages Gay Cruise

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Scarlet Lady

Scarlet Lady

Ship Facts

Gross Tonnage: 110,000

Length: 909 feet

Beam: 125 feet

Draft: 26.4 feet

Cruising Speed: 22 knots

Guests: 2,770

Crew: 1,160

Decks: 17

Inaugural: April, 2020



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Fire and Sunset Soirées Gay Group Cruise to Key West & Bimini

4 nights from/to Miami, Florida

April 21 – 25, 2021
Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady

Virgin Gay Group Cruise 2021Ahoy Sailor! Welcome to an irresistible adult-by-design experience at sea where tranquility meets curiosity with no kids, no buffets, and no limits. Restorative mornings or late nights under the stars — it’s all about balance your way. We’ll take you on a sail from vibrant Miami to the pastel-hued streets of Key West, with a day and night spent at The Beach Club at Bimini, Bahamas — complete with signature bonfire bash under the stars. Our four night voyage is a soirée of lights — sunsets on the horizon, private parties, unexpected surprises, and late nights under the Bahamian sky.

Welcome aboard Virgin Voyages, the new sailing experience that's bringing about an 'Epic Sea Change for All'. This experience is a lot of things, but definitely not a cruise. Instead, expect a voyage that cultivates curiosity, encourages experience and advocates adventure. With Virgin Voyages, you're never just a passenger – you're a sailor.


Virgin Voyages Gay Cruise


Virgin Voyages offers a cheeky and cheerful approach to service, as well as an inclusive approach to sea travel that removes those pesky add-ons. Sailors will enjoy food at the 20+ restaurants onboard (at no added cost). Free fitness clases and free wifi (so you can share your favourite holidays snaps whilst living for the moment!). Aimed at providing a transformative experience through a liberal dose of ‘Vitamin Sea’, the Virgin Voyages ideology places the ocean and its role in both personal and global wellbeing at centre stage.


Scarlet Lady LGBT Cruise


Virgin Voyages Brand New Scarlet Lady

Virgin Voyages' first ship due to set sail November 2020. Be one of the first sailors to experience this revolutionary ship design where interior spaces were curated by world-renowned interior designers Tom Dixon’s Design Research Studio, New York’s Roman and Williams, Concrete Amsterdam and Softroom.

The Scarlet Lady has pulled out all the stops to become a floating design icon. From the VIP top deck, club lounge and sky rooms through to that unique tattoo studio, you’ll find that no detail has been overlooked. You’ll be cruising the Caribbean in a ship that’s full of theatrical spaces and nautical touches, spiced up with a sense of drama and fun. And not a beige bedspread in sight.


Scarlet Lady Wellbeing pool


Luxury Ship Features
If you’re in the Caribbean, you better make absolutely sure you’re making the most of every sun-kissed second. The Dock, the ship’s exclusive outdoor lounge, is where you can find total peace and tranquillity, with just the gentle sound of the waves and the occasional chatter of dolphins as they play in the bow waves. Feeling a little more active? The Athletic Club is the spot to head to, with the world’s largest daybed (they never do anything by halves onboard the Scarlet Lady) to relax on when you need a breather from all that chilling out.

At night, the stars emerge with the glitz and glamour of The Manor nightclub. This dazzling club tips a nod to Richard Branson, charting his history in the music industry, and then celebrating that heritage by banging out some insane tunes until the small hours. If you want a break from the beat, head out on deck where you can gaze out at the ocean while a billion stars shine. This is the stuff memories are made of (oops, looks like another trip to Squid Ink, then…).


Scarlet Lady Razzle Dazzle


Fuelling up on Food
No luxury ship is complete without food, food, and more food, and the Scarlet Lady doesn’t short-change you when it comes to chowing down. There’s over 20 choices of meals whenever you’re peckish – there’s no set menus or enforced meal times here. Whether you want a healthy snack at 6am or a midnight feast, the crew will cater for you.

First up, there’s Razzle Dazzle, where you’ll discover your inner vegan. Or, try the gloriously opulent Pink Algarve, serving Mexican fusion with all the trimmings.

And wait, what’s this? Street food onboard a ship? At the Scarlet Lady’s Galley, you’ll find eight different food stalls selling everything from tacos to sushi, burgers to bento boxes and noodles. You may be cruising the Caribbean, but that doesn’t mean the rest of the world can’t join in.


Scarlet Lady Spa


Wellness and Zen Time on your Adult Voyage
There’s a concept at Virgin Voyages – Vitamin Sea. There’s nothing quite like the ocean to restore that inner wellness we all crave, so onboard you’ll get the time to re-energise with some state-of-the-art activities in the Crow’s Nest.

You can detox with sunrise or sunset yoga classes, or retox with a few rounds in the boxing ring. The B-Complex gym space gets your heart pumping with some serious cardio, or go for some zen time in Redemption, the Scarlet Lady’s onboard spa.

Wallow about in glorious mud pools, get your chakras aligned on a quartz bed, or zone out with a spa treatment. Be warned, though: at night this mermaid’s hideaway transforms into a killer club, where the resident DJ gets things buzzing with some serious tunes.


Scarlet Lady - The Manor


Scarlet Lady entertainment - mind-blowing revelry
Grab your glad rags, throw on your dancing shoes and be prepared to be amazed by some of the best cruise ship entertainment on the high seas. Virgin Voyages are going back to their musical roots with on board entertainment that’ll have you boogying until the sun comes up. Choose from a line-up of brand new, original shows and gigs developed by some of the best entertainers in the business. Like everything else on the Scarlet Lady, cruise entertainment doesn’t get much better than this.

Start things off with a visit to the exclusive Beach Club at Bimini in the Bahamas, then just keep levelling up with an on-board party at the Manor, the Scarlet Lady’s exclusive nightclub. Bag some front-row seats in the Red Room and be prepared to laugh your socks off or just stare slack-jawed in amazement at 21st-century magic and mayhem. The festival vibe keeps the curious entertained, and the cravers coming back for more. After a glorious meal and the best cocktails, it’s time to dance until dawn as the Scarlet Lady steams her way to your next port of call.


Scarlet Lady cabin


Slumber at Sea in Luxury Cabins
Time for some snoozing, and Virgin Voyages have made sure that the cabins maintain that gloriously indulgent luxury you’ll find all over the Scarlet Lady. Tom Dixon’s had a hand here too, designing the RockStar suites with flair and individuality, but with absolutely no compromise on comfort. All of the RockStar suites are on Deck 15, just under Richard’s Rooftop (RockStar VIPs get exclusive access to the club).

Book a RockStar suite and you get a host of VIP extras including airport transfers, luggage assistance and a private walk down the terminal pathway on arrival, as well as anytime boarding and early booking for special events. If you want to feel like a real rock star, this is your chance.


Scarlet Lady Gay Group Cruise

Fire & Sunset Soirees
Gay Group Cruise 2021





 21 Apr Miami, Florida    7 PM
 22 Apr Key West, Florida 8 AM 7 AM
 23 Apr Bimini, Bahamas 10 AM 11:59 PM
 24 Apr A Day at Sea!    
 25 Apr Miami, Florida 6:30 AM  

Key West & Bimini gay cruise map


We’ll take you on a sail from vibrant Miami to the pastel-hued streets of Key West, with a day and night (10 am to midnight) spent at The Beach Club at Bimini, Bahamas — complete with our signature bonfire bash under the stars.

Our four night voyage is a soirée of lights — sunsets on the horizon, private parties, unexpected surprises, and late nights under the Bahamian sky. Arriving at 8 am in Key West and leaving at 7 pm, you'll have plenty of time to explore the shops on Duval street, visit Hemingway’s house and snorkel in the famed coral reefs.


Virgin Voyages gay group cruise from Miami


Day 1 & 5 - Miami, Florida
From the badass street art scene in Wynwood to the most fire cubano sandwich you've ever had in Little Havana, Miami is more than just beaches and nightlife (but it is that, too). Whether you're into getting down at a taco shop-turned-dance party (we see you, Coyo Taco) or posting up laterally on South Beach with a mojito glued to your hand, Miami's dynamic culture is one of the most vivacious in the country.

Glittering Miami is where all of the energy and dynamism of the city meets the laid-back lifestyle of the beach. There are so many reasons this Florida hotspot is known as the Magic City: streets lined with glamorous bars and nightclubs, a sea salt-scented breeze blowing over a teal-coloured ocean and a distinct Cuban influence that brings eclecticism and rhythm to its cafés and cigar shops. Make your way to the Miami cruise port to embark Scarlet Lady for your 4-night Fire and Sunset Soirées voyage.


Virgin Voyages gay group cruise - Key West, Florida


Day 2 - Key West, Florida
Hemingway's hideaway! A haven for artists and sunset-seekers alike, the only poetic rival to the writers who called Key West home is the geography itself.

Famous for its crimson and gold-hued sunsets, Key West is more than just a spot to admire the painted skies (but of course, it is that, too). An adopted home to some of America’s most seminal writers (Ernest Hemingway, Tennessee Williams, & Robert Frost — to name a few), Key West is an apex of gorgeous cultural collision and celebration. Bahamian Conch, Cuban and African-American cultural heritage create the backbone for the inclusive and accepting philosophy of Key West’s “One Human Family”.


Virgin Voyages gay cruise - Bimini


Day 3 - The Beach Club at Bimini, Bahamas
Sea you at The Beach Club! Since Virgin has a private beach club experience in Bimini, Bahamas, it would be crazy not to utilize it. But the only way in is on Scarlet Lady!

See-through water and sandy white shores punctuate this geographically poetic port. And like any good haiku, it's cloaked in seductive mystery. Besides having access to the island’s incredible biodiversity in marine life, boating, snorkeling and even historic shipwreck diving, sailors get exclusive access to The Beach Club — Virgin's private beach club experience. Peaceful mornings and restorative days or amplified afternoons at the DJ-led pool party —our club is designed to answer whatever your specific mood is calling for. But regardless of your energy level, the bonfire finale will be nearly impossible to pass on.


Virgin Voyages Bimini



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Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady

Scarlet Lady


Virtual tour

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Guests: 2,770 • Gross Tonnage: 110,000 • Length: 909' • Beam: 125' • Draft: 26.4' • Cruising Speed: 22 knots

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Fire and Sunset Soirées Gay Group Cruise 2021 Rates
Category Description
Per Person
Insider Stateroom Scarlet Lady Insider Stateroom 105 -177 sq.ft. Nightlife type who prefers to catch Z’s without the morning sun peeking through the blinds? Then this window-free cabin will be perfect. Add in all the amenities of other cabins, just subtract the pesky glare. Roomy Rainshowers and mood lighting punctuate our cozy escapes — giving you the space to recover today and prepare for tomorrow. $ 826
Sea View Stateroom Scarlet Lady Sea View Stateroom 130-190 sq.ft. For solo Sailors looking for quiet moments with the sea from our super large single beds, or duos perched on our nautically-inspired window seats — the ocean is yours to make eyes with. Gazing out at the waves every morning, this is the closest you can get to the ocean (without the windblown hair). $ 876
Sea Terrace Limited View Stateroom Scarlet Lady Sea Terrace Stateroom 225 sq. ft. Designed to give you sweeping views of the horizon as you glide along the open ocean, this cabin may have a (slight) visual snag from a part of the ship or a lifeboat. There's still plenty of room for sun salutations on the terrace and downward facing dogs in the bedroom (or vice versa), just be aware that at any point an inanimate object may be judging your form. $ 926
Sea Terrace Stateroom Scarlet Lady Sea Terrace Stateroom 225 sq. ft. Designed to give you sweeping views of the horizon from the front and back zones of the ship, our high-tech mood lighting can (and will) intuitively match the light from the oncoming sunset as you glide along the open ocean. There's plenty of room for sun salutations on the terrace, or downward facing dogs in the bedroom. Or visa versa. We'll leave that up to you $ 1,001
Central Sea Terrace Stateroom Scarlet Lady Sea Terrace Stateroom 225 sq. ft. Designed to take in sweeping views of the horizon whether you've just walked in or you're relaxing on the terrace hammock. Located centrally on the ship, it's a great spot for those who like to be near the action. You know, if being centered (geographically, but if you like yoga there's a terrace for that) is your kind of thing. Nama(stay)... here at the center of the ship. $ 1,026
XL Sea Terrace Stateroom Scarlet Lady Sea Terrace Stateroom 265 sq. ft. Designed to give you sweeping views of the horizon, our high-tech mood lighting can (and will) intuitively match the light from the oncoming sunset as you glide along the open ocean. With a larger living area and bathroom — which houses our Roomier Rainshower — your biggest decision will be whether you gaze at the sea or gaze at yourself in the bathroom mirror. Do you - we won’t judge. $ 1,076
Seriously RockStar Suite Scarlet Lady Seriously Suite Suite 284 sq ft. Terrace 68 sq ft. From the massive European king bed overlooking the sea to the custom hand-made terrace hammock, luxury and self care here are a serious art. Full stocked, full-size bar, Peek-a-Boo shower, Record player ready to spin your favorite tunes. If you're serious about luxury and/or self care, this suite has your name on it. Well not technically, but hey, we're down to try to make anything happen. $ 1,826
Cheeky Corner Suite Scarlet Lady Cheeky Corner Suite Suite 311 sq ft. Terrace 349-397 sq ft. Watch the waves break from an even bigger outdoor space. After rinsing off in the Roomiest Rainshower, take in views while lounging on the European king bed. Every angle has been thoughtfully considered to maximize the only thing that'll possibly upstage you – the sea. $ 2,151
Cheeky Corner Suite
Biggest Terrace
Scarlet Lady Cheeky Corner Suite Biggest Terrace Suite 311 sq ft. Terrace 442-536 sq ft. The highest, and biggest, terrace of all our corner suites — from here, the views are unparalleled. With the same glamorously designed interior, there’s more space outside to flirt with the sea. Terrace hammock or outdoor champagne table? Sailor’s choice.
Gorgeous Mega RockStar Suite Scarlet Lady Gorgeous Suite Suite 396 sq ft. Terrace 174 sq ft. Whether you're in the Peek-a-Boo shower inside, or rinsing off on the Peek-a-View shower outside, the ecstasy-inducing sea views pulse through every part of the design of this suite. The Gorgeous Suite takes relaxation to the next level. The hammock swing chair is the perfect spot to enjoy a nightcap while you watch the moon flirt with the waves. And if you get bored out on the terrace, lose yourself in the massive European king bed while drifting to sleep to the sounds of the waves (or your vinyl record player). $ 3,926
Posh Mega RockStar Suite Scarlet Lady Gorgeous Suite Suite 572 sq ft. Terrace 261 sq ft. From ceiling to floor marble bathrooms to the champagne table on the terrace overlooking the waves — it's chic enough for a superstar girlband to shack up here. An outdoor champagne (chilled, of course) table is the perfect spot to admire the view from your suite. With an expertly designed layout enhanced by our high-tech mood lighting, a tricked out terrace, and floor-to-ceiling marble bathroom, this one's perfect for the posh traveler. Feeling romantic? A stargazing lounger and our Peek-a-View outdoor shower are perfect for a couple (or two) looking to reconnect. $ 5,001
Fab Mega RockStar Suite Scarlet Lady Fab Suite Suite 689 sq ft. Terrace 261 sq ft. Sun-drenched terrace yoga with new friends or (extra) dirty martinis at the full bar inside? For those who love to host while never losing sight of the sea. The suite for the host(ess) with the most(est), and we mean that quite literally. Whether you're into wellness retreats under the terrace sun, or serving up negronis at the bar while listening to tunes from your own vinyl library, this suite has it all. And when your friends are gone, you'll be stuck with the age-old problem of whether to relax in the fully-marbled Peek-a-Boo shower or rinse off on your terrace under the moonlight. $ 5,476
Massive Mega RockStar Suite Scarlet Lady Massive Suite Suite 850 sq ft. Terrace 1317 sq ft. Our most tricked out, most extra, most unreal VIP suite here... or anywhere. Before we start the tour, whether your rider specifies all red candy and one llama (try us), there's no dream this suite (and your personal agents) can't make a reality. The most extra of the Mega RockStar Suites, this one truly lives up to the name. Watch the waves from your terrace hot tub; host your new (or old) friends in the private lounge bar or make history starting your own band (yes, electric guitars included). Lose yourself in the music, and find yourself again the next morning meditating alongside the waves on your sprawling personal terrace. $ 7,351
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All fares shown are per person based on double occupancy and includes: Gratuities, All food in any restaurant; Soda, Water and coffees; Entertainment on board and WIFI

Taxes & charges of $150 pp ($200 pp in Suites, and $250 in RockStar Suites), and optional insurance are additional.

30% of cruise fare as deposit required to reserve a cabin. Final payment is due 120 days before sailing.

Deposit is non refundable but you can change sail dates as many times as you want.

Prices are cruise only and DO NOT INCLUDE return airfare! Please ask for airfare add-ons back to your home city.

Fares are subject to availability and may change without prior notice.

Also included are the traditional Meet Me On Board activities, subject to minimum participation. To enjoy Gay Group Cruise functions and excursions you must reserve room with us.

Alcoholic beverages will be charged to your on board account. No beverage packages.

Please ask for further details.

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