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Who are Out Adventures?

We are a lean, mean, gay travel machine! We are three avid travellers located in Toronto, Canada. But don't let the fact that we're Canucks deter you from choosing us. All of our trips begin in the country that you are travelling to. You can depart from anywhere in the world as long as you make it to our joining point hotel.


Who are your leaders?

Our leaders are the best of the best. We truly believe that you shouldn't sacrifice quality just to have a gay or lesbian leader, although we have those too! But, you might find a really amazing straight man or woman leading our trips. Trust us, they are some of our best leaders around the world and we have travelled with each of them in order to ensure that they are the perfect fit. This means that you aren't paying to have day leaders in addition to a head office representative. We want you to have a true local expert. Some of our competition might disagree on this one, but we stand firm, and think you (and your pocket book) will appreciate the decision.


How do you stack up against your competition?

We think pretty darn good, considering we'd like to think we are of the fastest growing small group gay tour operators out there. We offer competitive pricing, fabulous itineraries and great leaders. But, don't take our word for it. Read through our testimonials to hear what our clients are saying. We should also mention that over 70% of our clients come back to us for second, third, fourth, fifth and even sixth trips. And we've only been around since 2009!


The Cost of LGBT Travel

Many other gay travel companies we have contacted have tours far more expensive than your offerings. What's the catch?

There is no catch - OUT Adventures is not your average tour operator! You save on travel, because there is no "gay premium" attached to our trips.

Why hide away in expensive hotel rooms high above the streets when you can be at street level where the real action is? At OUT Adventures we can make the world and all of its adventures accessible to YOU.

By choosing OUT Adventures you save money through local experiences. You'll stay at locally owned hotels, always clean and friendly three-star accommodations or higher and never expensive cookie-cutter multi-national chains; you'll travel with local guides, always ready to offer local secrets and cultural insight; you'll support local craftsmen and eat at local restaurants, not just the tourist traps; plus, small group sizes means the footprint you leave behind is significantly minimized.

Travelers on OUT Adventures Tours are looking for a local experience with like-minded companions. We want to see the world from ground level and we can immerse ourselves in the cultures and communities we visit on a face to face basis. We want to support local businesses everywhere we visit and we want to make sure we are responsible in the way we do it - environmentally and socially. And you know what, it saves you money!


Are you affiliated with any other company?

No. We are 100% independent, gay owned and operated. Although we work with other companies, big and large, our trips are just that… ours!


How active are your trips?

How active do you want them to be? We hate when people answer a question with a question, but when the shoe fits, we like to wear it. Hiking boot, cross trainer or loafer - we've got you covered. Typically our Active trips have around 50% physical activity included while our Comfort and In Style tours feature a more laid back itinerary with plenty of physical options for those interested.


What about accommodation?

We recognize that tents aren't for everyone. That's why we've found some luxury tented camps (check out our Cambodia trip). Still not your style? Don't worry. We have trips with nothing but 4 star hotels (In Style) and private transport. If you're OK with 3 star, check out our Comfort and Active trips.


How many people are on your trips?

You can expect anywhere between 2 and 15 others on a trip with us. We guarantee some of our tours at only 2 guests, which means you can book your flights sooner, plan ahead and rest easy before your vacation. Our small ship trips might have more passengers, but we'll let you know ahead.


What happens if you don't reach your minimum number of guests?

At no later than 60 days prior to departure we will contact you to give you options. We won't just pull the rug from under your feet. We'll offer you the option for a customized private itinerary for the same dates, or allow you to transfer your deposit to another departure or trip. We'll even throw 5% savings your way if you choose to keep your deposit with us. Alternately, we will refund your full deposit.


What's the required deposit?

We require a minimum of $750 USD as a non-refundable deposit on all of our trips. If it's a ship based trip, it may be more. BUT, we try to be as flexible as possible. If you need to cancel anytime prior to 90 days to departure, and we haven't purchased any services on your behalf, we'd be happy to transfer your payments to another trip. But, choose wisely, we only allow this transfer once, and your new trip must depart within a year of your original departure date. Every relationship requires a bit of give and take, right?


Are there men and women on your trips?

Yes, however most of our guests are men. Ladies, if you're out there, we welcome you. We love having you along on our tours. We are comfortable saying that our tours are for gay men and women, their friends and family. We have a few women only departures for those interested.


How can I pay?

With Bank money transfer you can get discounted payment price. We accept VISA and Mastercard as instant payment. Payment card charges may apply.


Can you help me with my international air fare?

Of course. And every now and then, we get a stellar deal! Don't worry about transportation during a trip though – we've got that covered. We have a network of consolidators around the world to help book flights. Even if we can't, we'd be happy to direct you to the most affordable solution – that means you'll have more to spend on your OUT Adventure!


Are my meals included?

Some of your meals will be included. Typically we include breakfast daily (sometimes simple) with a scattering of other meals. Because our groups are quite small, and we know that everyone has different taste, we don't include more than a few lunches and dinners unless we're in a remote area. This gives you the freedom and flexibility to choose your meal, and even break away and enjoy some time on your own.


I'm travelling alone, is that okay?

Of course! Whether you are travelling by yourself or with other people, you are welcome to join us on any OUT Adventure. If you are travelling solo then we will match you up with another person of the same-sex to be roommates for the trip. Want a bit more privacy? Most of our trips have a single supplement for a little extra – that way you can make sure you have your own room for the entire trip. And historically, about 50% of people on OUT Adventures trips travel solo!


What is the best time of the year to travel? What will the weather be like in my destination when I'm there?

We may not be Mother Nature, but we do our best to make sure you have the best weather when you are travelling. How? We only schedule our trips during the seasons that have the best weather in each destination. But rain or shine, we make sure you always have options to have the best time while you are travelling!


I have special dietary requirements, will they be catered for?

If you have a special dietary requirements, please let us know at the time of booking. We will try our hardest to accommodate your diet, but the nature of some destinations may make this a bit difficult. Talk to one of our adventure specialists about your dietary restrictions and they will recommend some of the best options for you.


What are optional activities?

Each trip has a range of optional activities that you can choose from during free time. We don't include these in the itinerary so you have the choice of what you want to do – whether that is white water rafting or curling up at the pool with a book. The choice is completely yours!


Can I extend my trip at the beginning or end?

Yes - we even recommend it for most destinations! Many cities have hidden treasures that we don't have time to visit, so a few extra nights will give you even more time to discover and explore. We also have great deals with our joining point and finishing point hotels to get you the best rates for any extra nights. Definitely look into arriving a few days before your trip starts, it gives you some extra time to get over jet lag and to explore!


Can you help me get a visa?

If you need a specific form or letter from us to apply for a visa, we've got you covered! For all other visa inquiries we recommend you contact the local embassy of the country you are visiting – they are the experts on visa details.


What vaccinations should I get before my trip?

Unfortunately we are not able to provide recommendations for vaccinations. Check the trip notes to see if there are any vaccination requirements to enter one of the countries you are travelling to. But for more information about precautionary vaccinations or medicine, it is best to contact your doctor or a travel medical clinic.


What about travel insurance?

Notice that we saved this question until the end? That's because we believe you shouldn't have to think about your safety and health while travelling. That's why you're doing a group tour after all, isn't it? Exactly! We include a fantastic travel insurance policy with every full priced trip, including medical coverage, baggage loss/delay and trip interruption. So rest easy, we've got you covered.


Do I actually need travel insurance?

Yes! Even if you have travelled without insurance before, every person travelling with OUT Adventures is required to have travel insurance. Why? Peace of mind for us AND for you. And remember, this is included in the price of your trip so you don't need to worry about anything – leave the worrying up to us!



Out Adventures gay tours


Out Adventures gay group tours


Out Adventures Trip Styles

Let's face it. You probably don't fit a traditional cookie-cutter mold. That's why we at OUT Adventures refuse to offer a one-size-fits-all trip style. We want you to get the most out of your experience, wherever you are. And we do that by giving you the choice among four unique and exciting travel options.

Choose from: Active, Comfort, In Style and Short Breaks. Each trip style has its own special perks and will expose you to a different adventure experience. Take a few moments now to learn about our OUT Adventure travel styles, and determine which best suits you. Remember, the world is your oyster - no matter how you decide to experience it!

Adrenaline is the only thing you'll need to pack for these trips. As you'd expect, activity is key. But we're not jumping off cliffs or paragliding - hey, that's entirely your choice. You will, however, be exploring new worlds by bike, kayak and foot. Active trips are the ideal way to travel if you want plenty of cultural interaction while firming those gluts of steel.

• Being super fit isn't a pre-requisite.
• Active trips combine energy-packed travel (like a challenging day's hike) with real world experiences (like spending a night in a traditional hilltribe village).

Group Size
Maximum 16 adventurers (ranging all ages and from all corners of the world)

Group Leader
Yes, an experienced leader accompanies every trip

Clean, comfortable and simple - variety and character are hallmarks of every stay

Anything and everything that moves and adds to the adventure! Usually a local and private transport

Some inclusions and some free time - great flexibility

Single Supplement
Single travellers can share with someone of the same gender or pay a single supplement. The choice is yours.


Dive into the real world with a soft landing. Comfort class trips are all about variety: the places, the people, the activities. It's your style of travel if you want a few little extras, but don't want to compromise on a true grassroots travel experience. You're as likely to find yourself paddling a kayak as relaxing on a cruise along the Yangtze River.

• Unwind in cozy gay-welcoming hotels and guesthouses, all with plenty of local character.
• Get around by private transportation.

Group Size
Maximum 12 adventurers (ranging all ages and from all corners of the world)

Group Leader
Yes, an experienced leader accompanies every trip

Comfort is combined with loads of character - average 3 star

Private with occasional public transport

Some meals, sightseeing and activities are included

Single Supplement
Single travellers can share with someone of the same gender or pay a single supplement. The choice is yours.


In Style
Getting close and personal with new exotic cultures does not mean you have to compromise on quality. In Style trips combine authentic local experiences with luxury boutique style properties. This style is similar to Comfort, but with higher end hotels.

Group Size
Maximum 12 adventurers (ranging all ages and from all corners of the world)

Group Leader
Yes, an experienced leader accompanies every trip

Minimum of 4 star accommodation

All private transport

Some meals and sightseeing activities are included

Single Supplement
Single travellers can share with someone of the same gender or pay a single supplement. The choice is yours


Short Breaks
Short Breaks are independent tours that unlock the hidden secrets in and around our favorite places. They range from 3 hours to 5 day adventures and uncover back streets, hidden gems and fascinating sights. While these adventures may be short, they're big on local experiences. Step into the lives of the locals, find out what makes a city tick and get acquainted with the food and culture. Short Break Adventures are great as an add on to one of our group departures or can be done entirely on their own.

Group Size
Minimum 1 - 2 travellers

Group Leader
You will have day guides in various stops along the way

When accommodation is part of the adventure, you can be sure it has plenty of local character, whether it's a homestead, guesthouse or 4 star hotel

Mainly private transport with the occasional flight or train

Some meals, sightseeing and activities are included

Single Supplement
When accommodation is included a single supplement is compulsory for solo travellers


Out Adventures gay group trip


Trip Reviews

Here at OUT Adventures we truly aim to provide an unforgettable experience that leaves each one of our guests' with at minimum an understanding of a new and exciting culture, new friends and stories that will last a lifetime. But don't take our word for it, read what just a few of our past travelers have to say:


"We had such a phenomenal time. Vietnam is an amazing country, and this trip is the perfect introduction. This was our first trip to Asia, and we really got a great feel for the culture, history and people. This trip is an excellent mix - fascinating cities with time to chill on the beach and stunning Ha Long Bay. Vietnam is very gay-friendly, and we felt completely comfortable. I highly, highly recommend it. You'll fall in love with the country!"
John & David - Chicago, IL
Comfort Vietnam


"Outstanding adventure. Well-organized and well-paced for little more than a two week trip. The guide helped our group easily navigate the country--no one in this group spoke the language. I would recommend OUT and plan to travel with them again soon."
Steve - Washington, DC
Comfort Vietnam


"Great trip! A good balance of culture and fun..."
Nick - Toronto, Canada
Comfort Thailand


"The combination of unspoiled natural scenery, physical challenge, and insight into an incredible way of life so different from my own made this trip one of the most enriching experiences of my life."
Joe - San Francisco, USA
Active Peru & Inca Trail


"I have been on several group led trips before, but never had as much fun as I did with this trip to Thailand."
John - Toronto, Canada
Comfort Thailand


"Experiencing a great vacation can be hard, particularly if you're single. So many things can go wrong - or at least not right. With Out Adventures, it seems they cut the variables down. I had a great time with an amazing group of guys that happened to be gay. Peru was an incredible place to visit and the place, combined with my travel companions, allowed for a very fulfilling trip on a social and personal level. The planning and pace of the trip made my time in Peru feel comfortable and easy. I would recommend Out Adventures and the Peru trip to anyone."
Mark - Washington, USA
Active Peru & Inca Trail


"The trip really exceeded our expectations -- Cynthia was fantastic, Peru was beautiful, and the experience was once in a lifetime!"
Ed & Caleb - Beverly, MA, USA
Active Peru & Inca Trail


"One of the best vacations I've ever had. Active is the only way to go. Some people like to "do nothing" on their vacations. I'd much rather do something on my vacation. In fact that would be the perfect tag line. OUT Adventures - Do Something!"
Don - New York, USA
Active Peru & Inca Trail


"I couldn't have asked for a better trip! Our trip to Morocco was the most unique and unforgettable travel experience I've ever had. Now that I've been hit by the gay adventure travel bug, I can't wait to plan the next trip!"
Kevin - Canada
Gay Morocco Tour




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